New Year, new ProductCamp!

Time is running so fast, it’s already 2020 and it is hard to believe that the ProductCamp Berlin took place 3 months ago! Happy New Year to all of you!

On 5th October 2019 we held our 8th ProductCamp Berlin with nearly 250 participants! This was our first event at the GLS School in Kastanienallee, and we hope all participants enjoyed themselves as much as we did!

Kicking off ProductCamp 2019

And we were so excited that we straight away booked the GLS event location for this 2020 as well! 

So please add the 29th August 2020 in your calendars for a wonderful Summer ProductCamp 2020! 

2019 ProductCamp Berlin impressions

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Presentation links

There were plenty of interesting and stimulating sessions, as you can see on our digital session board. You can find the slides of some of the sessions here:

You can also check it out on twitter about what happened at ProductCamp Berlin 2019.

We hope you enjoyed it and see you again later this year!
Thank you all for participating!

Your local planning team
Conny, Dirk, Heike, Ludwig, Max, Michael, Sabrina & Sebastian