ProductCamp Berlin 2016 is a not-for-profit event which is made possible thanks to our sponsors.

Thank you for your support!
If YOU are interested in sponsoring, please contact us at sponsoring@productcampberlin.org.

Call for Sponsors

ProductCamp Berlin would not be possible without our wonderful sponsors.

We currently have a limited number of sponsorship slots available at different levels which tend to fill up quickly.
Why should my company become a sponsor? How does sponsoring work exactly? – Read about the benefits for your organisation and the exposure to a very motivated group of Product Management professionals.

Main Sponsor: agile42

agile42, founded in Berlin in 2007, provides world-class expertise, training and coaching on Lean-Agile development methods including Scrum, Kanban, Systems thinking and Lean and Agile Leadership. They have a proven approach for managing the adoption of Lean-Agile methods and transforming organizations to achieve better business outcomes.

Their customers confirm their ability to deliver measurable results:

  • Faster time-to-market and responsiveness
  • Accelerated ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • More engaged and motivated employees

Gold Sponsor: Leanovate

Our expertise at leanovate are agile methods like Scrum, Kanban or Lean Canvas. In addition to supporting the change process towards agile and lean thinking, we provide training, coaching and craftsmanship in the areas of methodology, innovation, product- and change management as well as in software-engineering. To speed up your business you can even hire whole custom-tailored agile teams from us – experienced Product Owners, Scrum Master, excellent developers and software engineers.

Location Partner

The Evangelische Schule Berlin Zentrum, founded in 2007, is a community school in the heart of Berlin. The schools stands for a radical shift of learning culture. Students learn in inclusive and age-mixed groups, pupils are defining and monitoring their own projects and use teachers as coaches, but moves far beyond that. The philosophy of the esbz comes from the AGENDA21: From mere knowledge transfer to the ability to process knowledge and apply it to one’s own actions, from teaching children to do something to putting children in charge of shaping their own education and life. In school assemblies pupils learn to publicly praise their peers – a cultivate feedback and empathy. One of the subjects is called “Responsibility”, centering on civic engagement in the local community. Every student has to annually (for three years in a row) master a self-chosen three-week “Challenge” outside of school with almost no budget, like hiking across Germany or help building something in a social institution. Although her students have not been selected for intellectual ability, their GPAs in A levels are comparable or better than in other German high schools.