Schedule 2010

Please note: This page provides information about a past event. Click this link for the most recent ProductCamp Berlin.

Friday, 4th of June
For people who will be in Berlin the day before the event, we will be getting together for Warm-Up Drinks.

Saturday, 5th of June
09:00 doors open for registration
09:00 coffee (thanks to ImmobilienScout24)
09:30 welcome and session planning
11:00 morning sessions
13:15 lunch (thanks to 280Group and ZigZag Marketing)
14:30 afternoon sessions
15:15 coffee break (thanks to SirValuse)
16:00 afternoon sessions
18:30 wrap up and prize raffle
20:00 dinner out in restaurants nearby (self-organised)
22:00 drinks & party! (thanks to Nokia)


If you haven’t announced a session when you registered, we invite you to do so now (although this is no requirement for doing a session on the day itself).

Please have a look at the suggested sessions list – (Also take the opportunity to vote on the 40+ suggestions we have already!)
Each session will be about 40-45 minutes including(!) discussions.

We strongly encourage you to leave enough time for questions and discussions. If you feel that this is too short you may do another session.

We will have enough rooms and session slots available. Since we will set up the schedule each morning there is no schedule available ahead of time. Each room is equipped with a wifi connection and a projector, but you are also invited to use the whiteboards. If you have special requirements, let us know.

2010 Session list

  • Sharing experiences in building online portals
  • Product Management and SEO
  • Testing Methods – Best Practices / Conversion Boosters
  • Introducing Product Management into small and medium business
  • E-Learning in China for the poorest children.
  • ScrumPo vs. PM
  • Team Process in interdisciplinary Startup Teams
  • Collaborative Prototyping / User Feedback
  • Dilemmas in Product Management and how to break them
  • Product Managers Tool Time
  • Product Pricing
  • Building Products that people love
  • Design Thinking
  • Internationalisation
  • Recruiting Users for Usability / Value testing
  • Baked In: Creating products that market themselves
  • Read the user’s minds
  • Conversion Boosters / Testing Methods / Best Practices
  • Killing Things
  • Develop products people love – Exercise