Ticket registration will open on Sat. 25th August

Getting closer!
We would like to give you a heads-up that the tickets will be available from Saturday, 25th August at 11:00 CET.
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The registration is ‘first come, first serve’. We highly recommend that you register for the event shortly after the registration opens to secure your attendance, as the tickets are gone within a few hours usually.

ProductCamp Berlin 2018 will take place on September 22nd 2018 (add to calendar: Google, .ics).

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20 Euros registration fee

Just as a heads up: we will charge 20 Euros registration fee this year, as we still had troubles with a large number of no-shows last year, which is unfair to people on the waiting list to whom we could not issue tickets.

Where has all the money gone?

As you might know, we have been charging 10 Euros entry fee since 2014 (why?). We have always donated the money to charities. So far we have donated 6,000 EUR!
The choice of which charity we gave the money to was drawn in a raffle among all participants of ProductCamp Berlin.

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ProductCamp Berlin 2018: save the date!


Good news: this year we will be back with another ProductCamp Berlin on Saturday, September 22nd. Please mark and save the date in your agenda:

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As every year, it will be an event that is made possible by sponsors and volunteers, and will run on a Saturday morning through to the early evening, giving you lots of time to meet, greet, learn and discuss. We will likely gather for drinks and some more casual networking after the day, so keep your evening free as well.

What is ProductCamp?

ProductCamp Berlin is:

  • Grassroots organisation – Your participation will make or break the event!
  • Highly engaged & creative exchange increasing each individual’s skills & knowledge.
  • Building and strengthening professional relationships while having a whole lot of fun.
  • Please contact us if you’d like to volunteer!

ProductCamp Berlin isn’t: Read more →

ProductCamp 2017: The event

On 28th October this year we had our 6th ProductCamp Berlin with nearly 200 participants!

Remember that bunch of questions we asked you during registration? Sorry for that, but hey, here you have the answers put together giving an idea of what the crowd was like (only attendees).

Here is a break-down of the roles that attended this event:


And where you were coming from.. We are thinking on how to bring people from further away moving forward, so that we can exchange more between people that aren’t necessarily part of the product scene in Berlin:

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Where has all the money gone?

As you might know, we have been charging 10 Euros entry fee since 2014. We have started to do this, because we had a huge no-show-rate at ProductCamp 2013, when only 65% of registered attendees showed up.

We wanted to discourage registrations that lead to now-shows, but still wanted to be not-for-profit by donating all registrations fees to charity. (Learn more about this decision here).

The choice of which charity we gave the money to was drawn in a raffle amongst all participants of ProductCamp. The person who won the raffle could chose the charity.

In total, we have donated 4.452,90 EUR in the last 3 years 6,000 EUR in the last 4 years! Here are the amounts we donated, and who chose which charity: Read more →

Thank you Leanovate for supporting ProductCamp as main sponsor this year!

We are delighted to introduce you to this year’s main sponsor, Leanovate GmbH. Here’s a special message from their team:

“We are extremely pleased to be the main sponsor of ProductCamp Berlin, which we truly believe is a wonderful place to meet people who share the same passion for product, online and technology in Berlin that we have.

For Leanovate, it’s all about Agile. But what does this actually mean to us? Well, a friend recently described us as being a symbiosis of coding and coaching, and that really hits the nail on the head. We work hands-on to coach and train your team in the fields of software development, product management and organisational development.

In essence, we Read more →